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Tammi's Transformation

Tammi's Transformation

Tammi Browning Battaglia

Fitness has literally saved my life! After struggling with my weight and self-esteem for nearly 30 years, I began experiencing health problems. Achy joints, sore muscles, and a daily struggle with depression was becoming the norm for me and I was only 32! After having lost and regained the same 40 lbs a few times I was truly confused and unsure of how to live a healthy lifestyle. I actually remember the day I decided being fat was "just who I was" and I wasn't going to try anymore! Shortly after that, my dad had a heart attack. Through the miracle of medical science my dad made it and my family was spared the potential heartache. His trauma was my wake up call. Get healthy or follow in the family footprint.

I was encouraged by my sister to make an appointment with the trainers at Fitness-4-Uand I've never looked back! Through hard work and determination I changed not only the outside of my body but the inside too. I learned the how, what, when, and why of food and I rediscovered my inner athlete! It was fun to push myself and try new things. Training my body to move better and restoring strength to my muscles not only took away my nagging aches and pains but lifted my spirit! The body I was once so embarrassed by was now something I could be proud of! I lost those 40lbs plus some for good and even went on to compete in a figure show.

After training at Fitness 4 U for almost 5 years I made the decision to become a certified personal trainer. Now I get to spend my time helping others learn the value of physical activity and how great a healthy meal plan can make you feel! I've been in the "trenches" so I understand that balancing work, home, family, fun, and fitness can be a struggle. But I also know it can be done! With personal training and bootcamp classes I hope to empower my clients to take control of their health and fitness.

I'm always searching for new ways to challenge my clients so they can discover how much fun training can be. I know it's scary to take that first step towards change, but health is the greatest gift you can give yourself!