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Welcome to Fitness 4 U

Fitness 4 U offers personal training and massage therapy services. We are not a gym, but a private studio.

We help individuals move better, relieve aches/discomfort, and enjoy daily life.

Fitness 4 U is dedicated to providing individuals with ongoing education, motivation, assistance, and continued health! Your goal becomes our goal. We are a collective group of individuals whose common core values revolve around being: Positive, Inspiring, Respectful, Spiritual, Honest, Dependable, and Motivating.

Mission:The Mission of Fitness 4 U is to transform the way people think about and approach their health and fitness, by building a sustainable business that is based on professional fitness training and coaching, lifestyle education, and community. Our mission is you - becoming stronger and functioning better than yesterday.

We are not into the latest diet trends nor do we do establish custom diet/nutrition plans.

Meet the Staff

Tom Battaglia,

Tom Battaglia (owner) first started getting into health and fitness during his sophomore year 1991-1992 of high school when he began competing in bodybuilding. Now he has a passion and strong will to help individuals lead a more functional, energetic, and healthier lifestyle. Tom has been doing health and fitness training for individuals since 1998 and massage therapy since 2001. His desire to help people of all ages improve their quality of life led him to open and become the owner of Fitness 4 U, the first personal training studio in Lebanon, Ohio.

Fitness has literally saved my life! After struggling with my weight and self-esteem for nearly 30 years, I began experiencing health problems. Achy joints, sore muscles, and a daily struggle with depression was becoming the norm for me and I was only 32! After having lost and regained the same 40 lbs a few times I was truly confused and unsure of how to live a healthy lifestyle. I actually remember the day I decided being fat was "just who I was" and I wasn't going to try anymore! Shortly after that, my dad had a heart attack. Through the miracle of medical science my dad made it and my family was spared the potential heartache. His trauma was my wake up call. Get healthy or follow in the family footprint.

Tammi Browning Battaglia

I decided (at 40) it was time to start focusing on my overall health. I had tried all the typical dieting “fads” and lost about 20 pounds on my own but then hit a plateau. I began training with a couple of friends at Fitness 4 U in 2012, all of us in our mid 40’s who had the same goal of “weight loss”. I enjoyed the training session and before long, I could see that I was stronger/healthier and never felt better.

Amy Breeze,

I started focusing on nutrition and with the right combination of foods I began to see results that I never dreamed could happen. My total weight loss has been about 50 pounds but I have gained a whole new understanding of healthy living that I am eager to share with others just like me. At the age of 46, I obtained my certification as a personal trainer. I understand that each of us is at different points in our fitness journey. My vision is to work with you to help you achieve your goals and give you the necessary tools to develop a healthy lifestyle.

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